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    Hello! I have been working with a VA Accredited Claims Agent and have had a struggle with this group from the beginning. I have provided them with all the necessary forms and the Doctors form. The last piece they instructed me to do was have a Care Contract with my mother, who is the person I am trying to obtain the A&A for. They said the contract should go back to the date on "intention to file" which is Jan. 1 and telling us Mom needs to come up with 2 months of her income to pay me.

    My a Care Contract necessary? My mother is not in an Assisted Living but requires assists with daily living. They are suggesting that my Mom write me a check each month & ZERO out her income and I will then turn around and pay her bills. Mom would hire me to take care of her affairs.

    My mothers assets are around 30,000-35,000. Monthly income $2400.00

    The claims Agent is acting VERY unusual and now my family and I are second guessing.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Having the agreement in place prior to the VA asking for it, is not a bad idea, but Mom's payments to you need to be for her care and not for "taking care of her affairs".

    You do not have to go back the two months as the VA calculates expenses the date you actually file a completed application, but would list what Mom is now paying you to be her caregiver.

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