can veteran apply for aid and attendance and Medicaid?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jks11, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Can a veteran receive aid and attendance and also apply for Medicaid. My Dad is spending over $4000/month on home care and was awarded only $500/month from the VA. I have submitted additional information to support the claim but STILL WAITING!!!! for a reply and in the meantime my parents will soon wipe out their modest bank account, which will then qualify them for Medicaid . I am terrified what will happen when the money runs out. Thanks for any replies.
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    The most that can be awarded being on Medicaid is $90 a month. This money cannot be spent on medical costs. It has to be used for personal items and purchases.

    I don't know how long you have been waiting since you provided the VA with additional information, but you may need to look into contacting his state Senator and ask for an inquiry on their behalf.
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    Starting the Process

    My dad has gotten to the point he needs someone around all the time. falling a lot and not eating well. My question is about should i include information about my mother. Being a spouce i know they will look at her as being able to care for my dad. The thing is my mom is on oxygen, COPD, and gets around with a walker herself. Should I include a Doctors medical examination for her as well?
    By the way this site is great, my siblings are collecting all the items for me and I am trying to follow the advice on a binder with cover letter when we send it in. thanks!!
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    Debbie will have to answer that , she is away in Washington DC today working for Va benefits.
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    Since Mom is also in frail health, you should file as a Veteran with spouse, since it appears that they both are in need of assistance on varying levels.

    You do not mention if they are paying for care and services at this time or if they are in a facility.

    They would have to be paying someone or a facility to have expenses to claim for this pension.
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    My mother still drives and she will not give her lisence up. That i know will disqualify her from getting aid. But being that she can not physically care for my dad due to her own limiting abilities, I wasn't sure if a Doctors report on her limitations would be needed.
    I was planning to arrive in Ohio monday but friday my father was taken to hospital and got a pacemaker. I was coming to set up home care, siblings on bank account and start paying for assistance as Ive learned on this site. then send in the application. They have only a 5,ooo$ cd so asset wise they are eligible. Im here a little earlier and have started to get all the papers.
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    You will be making an application for a veteran who requires assistance with his day-to-day living. "If" your Mom also needs assistance, then he will file as a veteran with spouse, and if that is the case, then yes, you have to include a statement on her from her doctor as well.

    The issue you have here is Mom still driving, so unless that situation changes, then you should probably file for just Dad.

    You will however have to disclose their combined monthly income, and unless Dad's medical expenses are high enough, he may only get a partial award.

    It sounds as though they are still in their home, rent, mortgage, utilites, etc are not an allowable expense if they are still home.
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    Re: Starting the Process


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