Can daughter pay Mom's bills and still be eligible for pension

Discussion in 'Expenses' started by scofield, Aug 28, 2015.

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    I applied for aid and attendance, (June 1,2015) for my mom. I sent a paper copy. About 1 month later, I checked There was a request for other, for service records, from the National Archives. I sent a copy of my Dad's Notice of Separation, with a seal on it because DD 214 was not used yet, with my mailed application. It said documents past due. So I mailed , faxed, and uploaded, a copy of my only other original document. It says submitted but, not reviewed. Then for awhile it said preparation for decision. Now it still says documents past due and development letter sent. In the meantime, if I pay her electric bill and other utilities, from my account, will she still be eligible? My mom would still be paying for at home caregiver(myself), out of her bank account. Her savings is just about gone. Thank you for all of your help.
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    I highly suggest you actually call the VA and speak with someone about the status of the application.

    It has only been since June 2015 since you made application, that is not a lot of time to allow for the app to be processed.

    You can pay her utilities, but yes, she needs to pay you out of her account so there is no question to her financial need.

    You should make those calls on Monday.

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