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    Can someone help me calculate potential A & A benefit? Here's the example: honorably discharged WW II vet; assets under $8000; monthly GROSS income (social security) is $1600. Monthly assisted living cost is $2220, medicare part B, $96; medigap insurance, $273 which yields COUNTABLE INCOME OF MINUS $989. For single vet, the A & A threshold is $1519 a month, I think. One way I calculate is $1600 gross income less $96 medicare part B and $273 medigap for net of $1231 which goes to care facility and the VA would provide (asssuming all other hurdles jumped) the remaining $989 to cover the care facility costs. Will appreciate any help offered. Thanks. Tom Bay
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    With zero or negative countable income, which he has, and assets under $8,000 the VA will provide $1,644 per month. Partial awards are when countable income is positive.

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