Both Dad and Step-Mom Were Vets: How best to pursue A&A

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    My Dad was a WWII vet, saw active duty, now deceased. Post-Service, he Married a lady who was Navy Reserve Vet during Korean War. I am now PoA for her as her only family and struggling with navigating her long term care: Dimentia in a LTC facility for a few months now. Applied for A&A for her, thinking it'll be good for her as a vet with all the right qualifications, but wondering if there's anything I should be bringing my Dad's service into play for her, or just forget his service (in terms of trying to get VA to help her through this difficult time) to not complicate the process? Her funds are very limited and running out quickly.

    Any similar experiences out there?

    Grateful for any assistance.
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    You need to determine if while she was in Reserves if she was ever called up to "action" during an approved period of war. If she wasn't, then her time will not count, and you would want to file under your Dad's service for her as his widow.

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