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    Hi - I am up to my eyeballs in documents as I prepare an A&A submission for my 85-year-old father. I am concerned that whoever reviews it will be swamped with paper (as I am!) and I'd like to make my submission as clear as possible. Do I just submit the whole batch (tax forms, prescription payments, doctor's form, etc) in one big pile or do I break them into groups and and identify which each one is ie summary of 2014 prescription payments, individual monthly prescription payments for 2014, etc. I figure I should send it "return receipt requested", but at this point I can only imagine that it will be enormous.
    Also, when submitting a list of doctors and hospitals visited in the past year, does that mean to provide just a list of their names and addresses - or a more detailed list about the dates, treatment, diagnosis, etc?

    Thanks for your help!
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    the only documents you really need are
    an application (va form 21-527ez)
    medical evidence (VA Form 21-2680 is good for 99% of the cases)
    an original/certified discharge document
    if he is in an assisted living or getting in-home care a statement from the provider as to what the services are for and the cost

    if his income you report differs from his income in 2013 or 2014, is when i would submit verification of income. as far as Rx printouts and tax forms, you don't need them. Rx aren't considered a predictable expense generally and the VA gets tax data direct from the IRS and SSA.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. My dad is getting care at home - someone comes in several days a week to help him shower and dress. She also cooks for him and takes him grocery shopping. He can't do these things alone. She is through a personal acquaintance, not a formal agency and she isn't a formal provider. He pays her in cash so I can't show these payments as proof of care. However, the medical form from the doctor does state that he needs assistance in these areas. Any thoughts if this will be sufficient? He really needs to move into an assisted living facility, but won't be able to afford it without A&A since his only income is Social Security and a pension and he doesn't own a home. Thank you in advance. --Robin
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    He has to have a record of those payments. Please have him start paying by check to establish expenses for care.

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