Benefits approved - need fiduciary assigned

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    ****Update see last post****

    After 12 long months we were notified that my Mom's benefits were approved. According to the letter, she will recieve her 1st payment in Feb! That's the Yay! part.
    In order to receive the back pay she must assign a fiduciary. This is fine with her - I handle most of her financial stuff anyway, and have Durable Power of Attorney.
    I live in TX and she in Fl. (I think this is why it took so long?)
    It has been a real struggle getting approval. I started with the VA office in Fl, but since I am in TX the paperwork is coming from MN, instead of PA.
    Today I faxed form 21-4138 (to MN.) with Mom's signature stating she waives due process. Should I have included my Durable Power of Attorne papers? Would that speed up the process any?
    Also, would it do any good to contact a local (TX) field rep?
    Any help is's been a long road...
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    Congratulations on getting through this process, and so glad that your mom will be able to benefit from this pension.

    MN is the office that handles applications for the state of TX, which is why you are getting correspondence from them and not PA.

    No on the POA as the VA does not recoginize it. You need to see this link from the site.

    You should also search this forum for postings on Fiduciary. All back monies will not be released until you have completed this process.
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    There appears to be no additional information regarding the assignment of a fiduciary in this blog. Would anyone know where we can find more information on this process. I would like to get in front of this roadblock - my Mom has been waiting 9 months so far and we can't seem to make any headway.
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    Re: Benefits approved - need fiduciary assigned -Update

    We finally have an appt with a field rep on tues. 9/6. My Mother's health became worse so we moved her to TX. from Fl. (what an ordeal - that's another story for another site)
    The rep called my mother for the appt (at her place). - which she forgot about and told me this morning. She said the rep asked her alot of questions, but of couse, she doesn't remember what they were.

    Since I didn't talk to the Rep and my mother doesn't have a clue, what documentation/paperwork should I take with me? I would like to have everything the Rep needs so the process won't be delayed - it's been 1-1/2 years already!

    She did start receiving her monthly benefit in February. We are assigning a fiduciary to receive her back pay.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, at least the good news is you have the appointment, and hopefully at the end here so you can get all the retro pay!

    Take all financial papers. The agent is going to ask you a lot of questions if you are being appointed as fiduciary, and is going to want personal info on you.

    Some agents ask for different things, but usually some of the documents would be the latest bank statement, insurance policies, character references for you if applicable, trust account statement, her monthly income and medical costs.

    If there are other documents or forms they need, you can send those in after the meeting. Just aplogize that your mom does not remember what she was told in the conversation about what was needed. These agents can be a little difficult to deal with, so my suggestion is to be very nice, and don't push back in the event you get a testy one.

    Good luck with it, and please let me know how things go for you.

  7. kathya5084

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    Thanks for answering so quickly! I will post back after the interview. Wish me luck....
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    Any news from the interview? I'm in Texas going through the exact scenario....
  9. kathya5084

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    It wasn't someone from the VA, it was an Insurance salesman ::)
    However, I did receive a letter from a field agent at the Waco Regional office on 9/18 requesting name, addresses and tel#s. I faxed it to them and haven't heard a word since. Of course there was no local telephone number to call. Yesterday, I called the same old 800# to get a status and they didn't have any info about what was sent from the Waco office. He sent an inquiry and said I should hear something in 7 to 10 days. Tic Toc Tic Toc
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    Maybe it's time to see if your Reps can help. I wrote to both John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and they both sent inquiries to the VA on my behalf for the initial approval but I haven't asked yet about the inquiry for the fudiciary appt.

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