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    Got back pay check the other day for my mother. The whole process from initial application to now took about 18 months. Thanks for helping along the way.

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    Thank you for updating us, Tom!
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    berlinspecial (Tom) I understand you received the back pay today- how long was it to get the monthly pension? I am so happy for you- but were there problems along the way, with paperwork etc. leading to the 18 month process?
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    It took about 5 months from the time I first submitted the paperwork to get the award letter and the first payment. It then took about a year to get the fiduciary appointment and the back pay. I really did not have any problems with the paperwork. I used the local "Virginia Department of Veteran's Services" to help me fill out and submit everything electronically. The VDVS is a state agency and one of their offices was at the local VA hospital. After meeting with the VDVS rep I was able to complete any forms that I had questions with and then we submitted the completed forms and supporting documents electronically. We received electronic confirmation that the package was received. I then received a couple of form letters from the Philadelphia Processing Center letting me know they were working on the file for my mother. The only thing that I did which was not correct was to send the wrong checking account routing number with the original application. This was corrected with the cooperation with the VDVS rep and the corrected information was also sent electronically. Thanks to this website I was able to collect the necessary documents and forms and filled out most of them prior to contacting the VDVS rep locally. I live in Virginia but was made aware of the existence of this resource from someone in North Carolina who used that state's Department of Veteran's Services for the submission of their claim. I can only say from my experience that if you can get all the information and documents ahead of time prior to the filling out of the forms by either yourself or someone else the better chance you have of success. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Thanks so much for this response! I remain hopeful, but am happy to hear of others success stories.
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