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    I took my parents to a county advocate in November 2012 to file for these benefits. It's been a total fiasco, my Dad passed away in May 2013, but today the VA put a larger deposit into Mom's bank account! I'm thrilled even though this took almost 2 years and one congressional inquiry. Incompetency determined and fiduciary needed but that's easy compared to this claims process. Don't have any idea what the payment is for, what period of time, what her ongoing benefit will be; waiting on the award letter.

    So while it was irritating and not handled well or timely, the end result is what I was hoping for. It's worth it to pursue and be persistent! And make sure you keep a copy of every stinking thing you send them because they will tell you they need it again, don't have it, never got it, blah blah blah.
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    Congratulations for sticking with it and not giving up. So many do.

    As we always say, keep a copy of everything and mail Return Receipt.

    As it will come as no surprise the, Fiduciary meeting can take some time, but maybe since you paid the price on the front end, you will catch a break on this end.

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