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  1. I cannot express my thanks for this valuable website. I applied for my mother-in-law on August 1, 2014 and received her award letter on November 1, 2014. So blessed. I completed this process on my own. I followed all of the advice others had posted on the forum. I made sure I had all of the documents requested and went so far as to include all financial information, the statement from the nursing home, the doctors statement, etc., right off the bat to avoid questions and further time. Make sure you use the correct forms for everything. I put everything in a binder with all attachments labeled for easy access. I also did not waste any time and contacted my Senator's office after one month for their assistance. There was only one small hitch. The IRS records did not match the information I sent in and I had my accountant send a letter clarifying. I am now waiting in the fiduciary process which hopefully will go just as quickly (her monthly benefits have begun, but the fiduciary process holds the backpayment).

    I COULD NOT have accomplished this without this website!
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    Thanks for sharing your good news, and how you went about the application process. Sharing tips like this help others who are just starting!

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