Award letter received today! Yeah!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MJ, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    My mother has received the letter stating her award ($1056.00/mo) retroactive to
    July 1, 2009. I am the claimant's representative (form21-22a). I haven't seen the papers yet, my mom said there were about 9 pages! It was stated that she could expect her retro check in about 15 days followed by a monthly check the first of each month that would be for the previous month.
    Will post more when I get the papers and review them. But I am sooooo grateful that this has only taken since 6-15-09 when I filed form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim. That is 4.5 months!!
    I will say that I did follow the template as laid out on this forum with the index and the tabbed forms. I did make stickers with her name and claim # and stuck one on each form so when they were scanned into the VA's system they were easily identifiable. Don't know that it helped but it was suggested that I do that by a person I know that is retired from the VA.
    ;D ;D ;D ;D
  2. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    What wonderful news (though I'm jealous)!!!!
  3. pologal1979

    pologal1979 Guest

    EXCELLENT. just be sure that you READ all 9 pages. if you dont understand something, just post on here or call VA for clarification.
  4. anniegoonie

    anniegoonie Newbie

    congratulations, that is great news.
  5. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    the check has arrived as of 11-11-09! $4224.00 back to July 1, 2009!! Next check is due 12-1-09 $1056.00. Thank you for all the help here!!!!
  6. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for the Happy Ending update! What wonderful news, and we are so happy to be a part of this for you. Don't forget to keep up with all her expenses as you will have to have them annually for the EVR from the VA.

    I hope this posting will help others to hold on if the finish line is in sight.
  7. restess

    restess Newbie

    Can you tell me how long this process has taken you from the time you first filed until the time you received the big Notification from the Enlightened One's....(VA)

    Thanks...a fellow member in search of golden fleece...for my mother...
  8. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    Hi.. I filed the intent form on 6-15-09... so the whole process took about 4 months. This was an 'uncomplicated' application... no remarriages. no fiduciary process.. etc. No assets to speak of just the house which doesn't count...
    I filed through the Philadelphia center if that helps ...
    Good luck with your application!
  9. mhenton

    mhenton Newbie

    Congratulations. As someone just beginning the process (and trying to decide whether we walk it through on our own or work with a representative from the American Association for Wartime Veterans), this is encouraging.

    Did anyone from an outside agency ever contact you to try and "help" you with this process?
  10. mhenton

    mhenton Newbie

    By the way, could you please explain what you mean about using stickers with your mother's name and claim number? Thank you.
  11. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    Re:yes.. I was contacted by an outside agency...

    but after discussing on this board I decided it was best to keep it all in my own hands and follow the directions from the help I received here. For me, it was the best decision.
    The stickers were just some Avery easy peel labels I printed up on the computer like this:
    RE: VA File # XXX-XX-XXX (this was the veteran's ss# aka claim #)
    name of claimant (surviving spouse)

    With the stickers on each document after the documents are scanned into the VA's sytem the document can be readily identified by claim # and name.
    Less chance for a document to be overlooked or unindentifyed. My friend that worked for the VA gave me this tip.
    Good luck to you!

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