Award letter received but amt seems too low

Discussion in 'Expenses' started by rich68, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    I received award letter for Aid and attendance but am confused as to the
    calculations.( I understand that my 10% disability is no longer paid) but the VA
    has apparently not included medical expenses such as 1) Medigap payments 2) monthly home care services
    or other expenses for deductions. Also the award papers don't list my wife's foreign social security income.

    Is this typical?

  2. jayb2983

    jayb2983 Newbie

    Hi i just had to c&P exams, do you know how long it will be until i get my award letter, i filed in 10/14/2014 and my exams were on 1/31/2015 and 2/2/2015 and both went well.
  3. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    C&P exams are generally for service-connected compensation, and are not our expertise here as this forum is dedicated to a non-service connected pension.

    I don't know that we are the best resource for you on this.
  4. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Just to report: I spoke to my VSO--apparently somehow the list of medical expenses
    and wife's income got lost in the shuffle; probably when transferred to different offices.
    They were just counting our medicare premiums. I filed a letter of reconsideration and am hoping
    this all gets straightened out.

    Thanks for your input.

  5. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Well, hopefully it will all get straightened out for you now.
  6. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Just letting you know my request for reconsideration is now in the "gathering evidence" phase (for three weeks so far)
    and appears on eBenefits as a new claim. Phoned VA and rep said claim is in St. Pete. My understanding was that is was supposed to be processed in Philadelphia (where it was originally). It had also ended up at one point in Wisconsin.
    Originally VA told me it was sent to St. Pete in error. In the meantime more bills have been added but am hesitant about sending
    more stuff in now as it might confuse the issue?
  7. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    If you made the request through E-benefits, it is going to process as a "new" claim, which is not what you wanted.

    It's not a new claim, you were asking for reconsideration.

    It should be in PA if that is the correct state for you.

    I would suggest you call the VA, and see if you can't get someone to help get this straight.
  8. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    This was done as a reconsideration of amount granted.
    However the eBenefits website no longer shows what stage it is at;
    it only shows "claim received" Feb 8 2015 now.

    I have called VA but only answer is it is "in process".
    They did acknowledge some of my re-submissions of medical evidence.
    This is taking much longer than I expected and my expenses have now
    increased as well.

    The case is now in St. Pete and not Phila again.
  9. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Highly recommend that you stay on top of this, and also that you find out why you claim is in St Pete if your proper Pension Center is PA.
  10. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Have called every 3 weeks or so and get the same answer, although this time they told me:

    1) there was "some activity" in May- an internal request of some sort.

    2) "sometimes other locations (like St. Pete) take up the slack from Philadelphia to help it
    move faster."

    3) eBenefits website is still changing its presentations.

    I always try to get the reps away from the script if possible, but lately they sound more inexperienced.
    The ones who have assisted me most in the past would really delve and unravel errors.
  11. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Appreciate that it's frustrating, but keep following up.
  12. VA Legal Team

    VA Legal Team Full Member

    You do not want your reconsideration in St. Pete's. That's bad. In my opinion you should fax your reconsideration to the Philly Office -- 1-215-842-4410.
  13. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    This was faxed to Philly Office twice: 2/4/15, 4/10/15 but still ended up in St.Pete.

    I have a long-standing Disability Claim there in Appeal. Once before they mistakenly combined the two (A&A and Dis)
    before someone finally separated them. (though now they say the claims are separate)

    Thanks for your input. My VSO is not available most of the time.
  14. VA Legal Team

    VA Legal Team Full Member

    The two claims (compensation and pension) is the problem. I've had that with a client before. I submitted it to the Pension office; they then transferred it to Houston (where the original compensation claim was). I had to call and email to get them separated. I still say it should be in Philly. Good luck.
  15. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Just spoke to someone in Philly- she said the Pension claim was still there but
    could only say there is a possible October decision date (revisable).

    There was still a lot of confusion with the Disability claim Appeal and I don't know if the
    rep or I could really grasp it. (Think Abbott and Costello).

    Thanks again for your input. (Maybe You were the rep who helped me with the email and call back then.)
  16. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Finally received an increase in my monthly but only $225 more. I am awaiting the "packet" which explains
    their new calculations. guess I may have to appeal again if that is possible? However am glad the VA has
  17. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    Wait till you get the letter to have a better understanding of how they arrived at that amount.

    If in review, you feel that they have no given credit for an "allowable" expense, you don't need to "appeal", you simply would use VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim to provide information and explanation of the expense you feel should have been considered.

    Glad that you at least got some increase, and hopefully the letter will shed more light on their decision.
  18. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    Thank you for your response. I was told the letter went out several weeks ago but I did not
    receive it. The Rep said she has requested another copy be sent out again.

    Appreciate your input in all this.

  19. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    You're welcome, and hoping that the 2nd letter finds it way to you soon.
  20. rich68

    rich68 Newbie

    I finally received a copy of the letter. They finally added my wife's income and
    deduction of home care expense-- but they still ignored the high monthly medicare supplemental (medigap)
    payments plus prescriptions, dental etc.

    "Income and expenses not used...reported as paid prior to date of claim for pension of June, 2014"

    But I did not claim any expenses prior to that date; and the above-mentioned expenses listed after
    that were not taken into consideration at all.

    How can I spell this out so someone understands it? Have another appointment with my VSO
    end of this month and will keep trying, I guess.

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