Average amount of time for most individuals who file for A&A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katmandu, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Katmandu

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    This is probably an unanswerable question but I'm going bananas just wondering how long it will take for the VA to review my mother's claim and make a decision so she will start getting her A&A. Based on everyone's overall experience, what is the "average" amount of time it takes to start seeing benefit checks? Just thought I would ask. Thanks to all.
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    This is almost an impossible question to answer. It depends on many factors, such as how well the application was prepared and supporting documents included. If the veteran or widow had received benefits in the past and the VA is just considering the A&A issue. It also depends on if the VA is considering a fiduciary for the applicant. I've seen case approved anywhere from 6 weeks to 14 months. Another big factor is the location of the Regional Office that is processing the application.

    If it has been over 6 months, I would start asking some questions of the VA and/or submit a congressional inquiry to check on it. The VA has a lot of files being handed around and it could get re-file without action being taken. I've seen this happen several times.
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    I started the process for my 85 year old mother in March 2007. Since then, I have received communications asking for additional info (which I had already sent, by the way). The last time I heard from them was in July. It was a form letter stating that "they are still processing the request". Should I be bugging them or just learn more patience?
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    I sent the forms in during April of 2007 for my Mom and she was approved in July and started getting checks. I downloaded the forms from this site and since we have a regional office close by took them in. At that time I was told I had the wrong ones. They gave me an additional medical statement form marked "VDVA form 10" and a 21-0779 . I took those home and had the Her Doctor and care facility fill them out and then sent the downloaded forms and the ones they gave me in by priority mail along with all of the required documentation.
    I think the secret is to have everything they ask for plus some that they don't. I had a 1950 notorized copy of her Marriage license with a sticky attached asking that it be returned when they were through and it was. But as smooth as it went we are now having to refile forms due to possible medi-cal issues and whether she can handle her own affairs so it is never over........

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