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    I originally filed for A and A for my husband March 2008. Until April of this year we didn't hear anything until they requested a copy of divorce papers from his first marriage (30+ yrs ago) and expected medical costs for the remainder of 2009. All was sent. Two weeks ago we got a Attendant Affidavit to fill out. My son is my husband's caregiver and they wanted the form filled out by my son stating exactly what he does and my husband sign it, which we did and mailed back. All receipts and proof of payment was sent in with original paperwork. My question is this, where can I get a blank copy of the Attendant Affidavit? I've searched all over and can't find one. My son thought he was doing the right thing and mailed it back before I had a chance to make any copies and I'd feel a whole lot better if I had a blank copy since we will be finding a new caregiver towards the end of the year and will most likely have to fill another one out. My husband also checked that he wants them to go ahead and decide within 30 days on his claim so I hope something is decided any day. Crossing my fingers!
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    Trying looking on the VA's website for the "Statement of Care" form. This is where you show that "X" amount of dollars is being paid to someone for care.
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    We filled out a statement of care form with the original paperwork. The form I'm trying to find had Attendant Affidavit across the top and was for my son to fill out as a caregiver. He had to state his name, address, amount paid and date he was hired as a caregiver. Below that were boxes for him to check off for the things he did. At the bottom my husband had to sign it also. In the cover letter they asked to please complete and return the enclosed VA Attendant Affidavit. I can't find this form anywhere. They were sent all receipts and canceled checks dating back to May 2006. I'm going to assume they just wanted a statement directly from my son that he actually did provide the care. I'm now just in a wait and see mode........ At the end of the year my son will be moving to another state and I'm going to be my husbands full time caregiver again so just wanted to have this form handy in case I needed it.

    Thank you for all your help and providing so much valuable information on this site, hopefully I'll be posting a success story soon!!

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