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    I thought I may as well start a thread of my own.

    I am the caregiver of my dad who is 74 years-old. He has dementia and my mother passed away in 2015. It has been a mystery piecing together what is what as to their finances.

    I sent in my application in December 2016. I became his caregiver, this time around, with the intent to file for A&A in December 2016. Department of Veteran's sent him a letter asking about accounts that were off the mark of what was reported They had completed a match review of 2015 with the IRS. By looking at the description, I couldn't confirm what had been reported, because I haven't been receiving statements from anyone. So I sent a response to say I needed more time.

    I went to IRS, once I learned you can go to the IRS in person, and pulled the exact transcripts for 2015. Nothing was available for 2016. Once I was able to see a better description of 2015, I was able to see that those figures were valid reports. from valid entities. I went into e-benefits and sent the letter to say I have no more documentation, please make a decision. I was in the pending approval decision phase, so I assumed they perhaps had already determined they had what they needed.

    I waited for the decision, to find out he was denied because I didn't send the evidence? So after 4 months, only talking about an IRS match for 2015, we are at square 1. The biggest concern for 2015, is an IRA roll out we did to pay off my parent's debts and to pay for my mother's funeral. I am sure that issue is still up for scrutiny.

    We haven't even started talking about 2016, when two properties were sold and my dad was a VA nursing home for 10months.

    So assuming the evidence they need is the statements from these entities :

    Today, at square 1 I was on the phone with DFAS for 40 minutes to ask them if they had received my POA. I need to be able to review and receive statements for taxes and benefits. They had not, to give it three business days, and was reminded I needed to send his SS# in with it. That was an extra 30 minutes re-faxing it. (just venting).

    I have a representative, but my feeling on this is, every time I send something, there will be something they still need, or want to scrutinize. The communication shouldn't be by US mail, truthfully, no wonder they are so backed up.

    Currently, my claim is closed, but they said I have until February 2018 to send the remainder of the evidence. or appeal.

    So hear goes.....

    Any pointers are helpful, this is like feeling around in the dark on so many levels.
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    I am sorry to hear about this mess that it sounds like you've been dealing with! I would assume the best thing to do to move forward is to submit anything to the VA that they are asking for (evidence). You can always submit a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 with any supporting evidence you like to ask the VA to reconsider the case. I know the mail is not the best way to communicate with them due to it taking longer but we also don't recommend the ebenefits site because we have heard of its many flaws and if you submit more evidence or paperwork the application for that veteran or spouse moves to the bottom of the pile to be processed.

    I hope you come back to keep us updated with anything you choose to do! You could always call the VA and talk with them (it may take a few calls to get someone who knows what they're talking about) about what you need to do from here.

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