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  1. stonewick

    stonewick Newbie

    I am so happy to share with my fellow members that we received our A & A award Letter in the mail today for my husband. It has been a very long and drawn out process and we have even more to go with the fiduciary process but it is the best news we have had in a very long time. According to the letter the checks will start in February.

    I so wish that I had found this site prior to the initial filing which was in July of 2011. The AMVET NSO that filled out the paperwork did so in an incorrect and incomplete manner and did not include any of our ongoing monthly expenses. My husband had two exams by the VA and both saw the need for the the benefit but due to incomplete paperwork we were told we were not eligible at that time. In May of 2012 through this site I was connected to a very nice accredited VA counselor that redid the paperwork and we submitted it on May 23, 2012. She has stood by us the whole way and everything she said was accurate and she took a very professional and personal interest. There are no words to describe the wonderful job that she did for us. I can not thank her enough for helping us. Also, through this site and the postings I met another man who helped and shared his knowledge about the actual procedures and just how inaccurate the ebenfit page can be. He should know, he works in a pension center (not the one where our claim was located). Our Congressman Coble and his staff also helped and his aide even took her time to talk and check in on us. I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful people that can to our aid and help rescue us from the VA overloaded system.

    Most of all I wish to thank Debbie for her time and devotion in helping ALL people that come to this site seeking answers and for her caring about each of us. I hope that All of us show her the appreciation that she so deserves for giving so freely of her time.

    I will continue to follow the post and the learning process that is available here if you just read. I also hope to be able to provide encouragement to those that are in the waiting stages. I can say without a doubt you will find more accurate information here than you will find anywhere else. I think we know that trying to deal direct with the VA is a total waste of time and I also feel for them as their system is overloaded and they are very understaffed. I find it shameful that the "pension poachers" and the attorney's and elder care advisor's file claims knowing that people are not eligible and tie up the system for those who do qualify . This takes away from the time they could be working on valid claims.

    I wish each of you the best in your quest for benefits and send prayers for the loved ones that we try so hard to help.

    I am only able to send a small donation today but as time passes I will send more on a regular basis and I find this to be one nonprofit that is helpful to so many people in need.

    Thanks Debbie, Sr Member, and of course our VA Counselor.
  2. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    Thanks Stonewick, I enjoyed helping you and look forward to continuing to help!
  3. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    So happy for you and your dear husband/veteran stonewick!
    I know you have an everyday struggle with your hubbys condition.
    God bless you and him...

  4. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your story, your journey through this process.

    I am so glad to know that our being here made a difference. That Fit2009, VSR, and others here were a part of making this happen.

    I know it has been a long process for you and just so happy to know you found what you needed when you needed it.

    Thank you for your donation supporting and please do come back to update. Hoping the Fiduciary process goes much faster for you, and won't be as big of a challenge.

    Thank you for your very touching words regarding my efforts.

    God Bless!

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