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  1. Jimmylinn

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    We are thinking about assisted living for Mama. She is already getting a check for care at home. My question can you
    apply for raise to the aid and attendance and also apply for Medicaid to cover this cost? Will they both pay or you have to chose one.
  2. vetadmin

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    If you apply for Medicaid, then she will lose all but $90.00 of A&A. That $90 cannot be spent on any medical expenses as the state would be paying for her care. It would need to be spent on personal items.

    If you move her and her expenses go up, then two things: You need to complete a VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim informing the VA of her new residence. You also need to let them know of any increase in her monthly care expenses. If she is not receiving the full award of $1130.00, the she would be eligible for an increase depending on her expenses. You will also need a Statement of Occupancy from the facility to include with the 21-4138.
  3. Jimmylinn

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    The lady I talked to at Dept of SS said she didn't think the Aid and attendance would stop because I am applying for Special Assistance which is different from regular medicaid and the funds come from a state plan and not federal. I guess we will see how it all works out. Any knowledge of this?
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    Because laws vary from state to state on Medicaid, and what applies in one would not in another, we are not aware of how this would impact A&A.

    Please let us know how the ruling goes down for you.

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