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    thanks Nanapatok, i downloaded it.
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    We applied for my mother-in-law and the application was received 5-26-11. After finding info on this forum, we sent in an additional letter asking the claim to be expedited because of her age (85) and her conditions. I called in today and they told me receipt of claim to notification of decision is 267 days. We are being processed through the Philadelphia office. Any suggestions?

    Glad to hear some people are getting quick results - our veterans and their families deserve this and more.
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    That's ridiculous to have responded with that answer. Due to her advanced age, and financial hardship, she is entitled to "expedited" processing and that does not translate to that length of time.

    You need to stay on top of this, and if after 6 months you do not have a decision, you need to press on this.
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    I have just been calling into the 800 number. Is there a better way for me to approach this?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: APPROVED IN THREE WEEKS!!! New Questions

    Where do you find the form "Request for Inhome Care" Haven't seen that one. Is there a Caregiver Contract form or do you just make your own stating the activities to be performed and cost for the service? Also, just about ready to send in the formal application. Did the informal and received response from VA. Do I need to attach copies of bank statements, pension award letter, SS award letter, prescription invoices, caregiver contract. etc. on this formal submission? Thanx, appreciate all advice.
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    Sorry to say that the dreaded 800 # is what you have to call to follow up on the status. Wish there was a shortcut or an end-run, but that would make things too easy.
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    My Father moved into an Assisted/Independent Living Facility a month ago today and I am looking to see if someone can give me direction on what I have to do to apply for the Aid and Assistance benefit. He lives in the independent part of the facility. He served in the Korean War and he is disabled due to two knee replacement surgeries. His last surgery did not heal correctly so he uses a cane to walk. He has episodes of memory loss, dizzyness, and has had mini strokes (TI) which landed him in the hospital. We moved him to the independent part of the facility since he can do alot of things by himself. He does take medications and does this on his own. The facility does have 24/7 medical care but I am not sure if he will qualify since he does not live in the assisted living. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    I wrote a Cover Letter and listed everything I had included and wrote a Caregiver Contract and included a "Request For Inhome Care" Form (to have it certified as an on-going, un-reimbursed expense) for my dad and sister and made sure to include an "Authorization to Disclose Information to a 3rd Party", my sister. Hope everything goes quickly and smoothly for you!

    Hi! COngrats for gettings approved. I'm 25 and was my mom's caregiver up until she passed away from Breast Cancer 2 weeks ago. Now I feel that I cannot commit myself to being my grandmother's caregiver, I have to live my life. I hired a caregiver for her and we have the invoice, so should I include this in the documents like you did? Will they pay for an agency in-home caregiver that isn't family? My grandmother is 90 years old (was an army nurse in WWII) and so I will request they expedite her application.

    I'm curious to know what is the Caregiver COntract and "Request for In-Home CAre" form? And where do you find these?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Annie, so sorry about your mom. If you will go up to reply #19 on my posts, there is a copy of the in-home care request that you can download...think you have to be logged on to do that. Anyone can provide the in-home care, and the contract is just something in writing stating what the caregiver does, the hours they work, and the amount paid to them. It needs to be dated and signed by both your grandmother and the caregiver. Good Luck! Pat
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    Thanks. I downloaded it and will have the caregiver agency fill it out.

    I'm wondering if the amount of the monthly award differs from person to person? I know it pays up to 1500 for a single person (widowed in her case). My grandmother earns 1290.00/month from Social Security and 2200/month from her pension. Her medical bills are 750/month for the caregiver and maybe 50/month for ongoing prescriptions. Her rent is 2000/month and she does not have any other assets or income. Do you think she will qualify? Is there an income cap to receive any benefits at all?

    As always, and info is appreciated!

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    For a veteran's widow, the max is $1056 a month. Look at the tab on these forums for "Tips and Resources". The first one is Countable Income. You need to go through that to see where she is financially at the end of the month. The VA can award partial awards if the applicant falls short of being wipped out or negative at the end of the month after paying all allowable expenses.
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    There is also a form called an "ATTENDANT AFFIDAVIT" form. I found it on the site under VA forms and typed in under search Attendant Affidavit. This form is what I used for my fathers caregivers to fill out and mailed it with his paperwork to VA. Hope this helps someone. :)
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    Oh, actually my grandmother IS the veteran. She was a First Lieutenant Army Nurse in WWII. She worked as a nurse at San Francisco General Hospital afterwards, and has a good pension from the city of SF (2200/month) plus her social security. I will look at the Countable Income form and apply even if she falls short of being negative. Thank You!
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    Hi Again,

    I just read the VA's webpages very carefully. Sadly, I think my grandmother makes too much money from her pension and social security to qualify :(
    She is a housebound veteran so she is allowed to make no more than $14,457 per year ( She makes 40,000 per year!

    Even with her medical expenses (caregiver 3 hours/day, every day,ongoing medical prescriptions and medicare deductible), her countable income is over $14,457/per year...Because I cannot subtract the rent she pays correct?

    Do I have that right? Was anyone in a similar situation financially? I suppose if she starts to need around the clock care or moves into as assisted-living facility, she will become eligible.

    As always, your insight is appreciated!
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    You are correct. If at anytime her need for additional care increases, and costs go up bringing her "countable" income down, the you can reconsider.

    It really comes down to how much she is spending for care and services that deduct from her monthly income.
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    I recently posted that we filed the claim for my m-i-l and we are getting the run around about asking the claim to be expedited. Called in on 10-24 and the clerk filed an inquiry about this and said they had 5 days to respond. As of today, still no response to I called again and was told the inquiry had been assigned, but not addressed. This clerk told me that the 5 days was just a guideline and it usually takes 10. I feel a call to my congressman coming on...
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    hi, it sounds like you are very organized and know exactly what you needed to do to get this wonderful benefit for your dad. i could use some help. my father in law is in need of some daily assistance and someone told us about the va aid and assitance program. i just went on the website and briefly read things and it seems very overwhelming. i am just learning about all these va benefits for him and could definitely use someone to point me in the right direction to get this started. thanks
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    Everything you need to know is on the website along with these supporting forums.

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