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    Yesterday we received A&A benefits approval for my mother as a spouse of a WWII veteran. This site was invaluable in helping me to figure out the application process and get it right on the first submission.

    I sent in the application on Dec 5th, 2010 and it was approved on March 30, 2011. The VA is going to pay retroactively to Dec 27th - the day they first reviewed the claim.

    There were two keys to ours. First I got two Doctors to fill out the evaluation form correctly with subjective comments instead of just "yes" and "no" answers.

    The original form has questions like "can claimant walk unaided?" The original Dr. simply put "yes" with no explanation. The explanation should have been "she can walk unaided, but has had three sever falls in the last two years, resulting in blunt force trauma and hospitalization."

    If your Doctor won't take time to make the case for you, find another Doctor. We did.

    Secondly, Mother lives in a residential facility that is not quite Assisted Living. They do provide meals, cleaning, transportation to Doctors and stores, and they monitor the well being of the residents.

    They bundle all their charges into one monthly amount and call it "rent". I surveyed apartments in the area, built a case for how much of the rent was actually for rent and how much was for the Aid and Attendance portion. When the facility got a letter from VA, they checked with me and I told them what I had done, and why. They then wrote a response stressing the services they provided over and beyond just renting a place to live.

    If I had not told the facility about the application, they would have checked off a block that said "not an assisted living facility or a nursing home" and our application would not have survived.

    If you apply for this get everything together and let everyone who might be contacted know what you are doing, and why. If possible, get them to check with you before submitting anything to the VA.

    Good luck on your applications and thanks a bunch to this website for all of the helpful information.

    Remember, without our vets we might be speaking German or Japanese instead of English.
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    Thanks for posting your experience; this is very helpful to someone like me who is still preparing the application. Congratulations!
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    A well deserved Congratulations!!

    Thank you for sharing with everyone your experience and how you went about this process.

    It's an honor to have been a resource for you and so glad to know this effort helped to make a difference for your mom.

    Don't forget to keep excellent records of all medical expenses as you will have to deal with the VA's annual EVR next year. Having all the records and accounting in place will make this a lot easier for you.

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