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    Though this is my first post I have been reading everything on this forum for many months. I share the joy when I see that a family has had success and received approval and the fear & frustration when I see what can go wrong. I discovered this forum about 5 - 6 months after we started the entire process for my mom who has dementia and has been in assisted living for the past 16 months. The information here has been very very valuable and I have shared this site with many others. My dad was a Korean War Veteran who passed away almost 20 years ago. Of course we had no idea this benefit existed until we visited many AL facilities and heard about it from staff there. We started gathering all the information needed during Feb of 2016 and here we are at Easter of 2017 with the approval. The claim was recorded on 6/30/17, but there was a delay until 9/17 with providing all the forms & information for the fully developed claim, due to circumstances outside of my control.

    During that time I would call the VA for periodic updates..'Still Under Review' was always the answer. The last time I called in Feb I was told that I would have an answer by May 15th. A letter usually arrived after those phone calls basically stating the same thing - still under review - Just for the info for others we received three of those letters.

    What I found interesting in the package we received last Friday was a form that my mom has to sign (or wait 60 more days) to agree with the VA's finding that she is incompetent. I took six copies of that form over to her yesterday in an attempt to get a legible signature on them and was successful. I'll be mailing that form off to Indiana tonight. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

    Here's where I need advice / assistance. We had the assistance of an attorney with all of this (there was no charge for the VA portion at all btw) as there were other legal matters that needed to be squared away. One of the forms submitted indicated where to deposit the funds, when and if an approval was received.

    As fate would have it that account ran out of money and was closed. I should have more more Money into it but it slipped my mind. So here I am with an initial deposit scheduled to occur in about two weeks. Any advice as to how to change this asap to another bank would be a great help. I have no siblings and will be the fiduciary.

    Within the package we received we also we told that the claim is valid from 7/1/16 but the months owed (10 months) would not be paid right away.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing responses. I'll update as things progress.
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    First of all, thank you for the kind words about and thank you for sharing our website with others!

    Yes, the form they asked your mother to fill out is because of the fiduciary process. Many of those who are awarded the A&A benefit have to go through the fiduciary process because they are ruled incompetent to handle their financial affairs by the VA. Definitely get that form mailed back to them accepting their findings.

    You do need to get a separate account set up for the direct deposit. I can't give you any advice on which bank to use or how to go about getting the next account set up that is best for your family - but I would highly recommend you get an account set up and update the VA on the account! You can use Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to update them on what happened with the account. Be sure to include a voided check to show that the new account is real and set up.

    The retroactive months will be paid once a field agent has met with you and your mother.
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    Thank You Kaylin - I appreciate the help. Forms sent in today - overnight mail with tracking (of course). Updates to the thread when I have more info to share.
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    Happy to report that after a few phone calls (and a bounced deposit to a closed account) my mom has now received the A&A benefit for May and June. What a relief. Can anyone advise me as to the average amount of time it takes for the VA to set up a meeting with the family (field agent) in order to acquire the retroactive months (about a year) thank you!
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    That's awesome news! Congrats!

    As for the length of time, I know it varies widely depending on the area people live in and the availability of field agents in that area. I have heard as little time as a couple weeks but it could also take a few months for the appointment to occur.
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    Thank you for the swift response and the passion you have for helping others with a&a! I will update when I hear again from the VA.
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    Thank you for the kind words, @MoogMan ! Please do update us.

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