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    I am new to this forum. But, I can't seem to find help with some of the va forms. I am filling them out for my mother, so that she can receive disability death benefits. They sent me three forms. And I don't under stand the form 21-0845. It wants access to information on line 7 and I don't know what to write there and on line 10.It's to allow the VA access to organizations pertaining to the va record. I don't know what this has to do with getting disability death benefits. I have tried everywhere to get some answers. I don't even know if I need this form. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    21-0845 is an Approved 3rd Party form. Your Mom has to sign it, and your name would be who she is authorizing as someone the VA can discuss her application with.

    You say "Disability Death Benefits". Did your Dad die due to service-connected injuries? That would be an application for DIC - Death Indemnity Compensation. If you are filing for Aid and Attendance for your Mom, that falls under Death Pension, and yes you want to complete the 21-0845 regardless of what you are filing for.

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