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  1. symkat

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    I am so confused...
    I want to help my parents to apply for Aid and Attendance. Dad is 88 and served during WWII. He takes meds for dementia (Aricept) so assuming he has a diagnosis. He is also legally blind due to macular degeneration. Mom's health is not good. They are currently living in their own home and need regular assistance (no children live in same town).
    Dad's federal pension (civil service) is $2276 (before any deductions) and Mom's SS check is $166 (before deductions). Medicare/BCBS premiums are $634 and they spend $200/month on prescriptions. Net worth is less than $50,000.
    *Are all of the medical expenses deducted from the income to come up with countable income or only a portion?
    *When I looked on the VA Web site, it appears that you cannot apply for Aid and Attendance unless you qualify for regular pension, which has a much lower income maximum. If my dad is not currently receiving pension benefits from VA, can he still be eligible for A&A?
    *Obviously, if outside help is hired for Dad's care, their countable income will go down considerably. Do you
    reapply at that time and hope to be reimbursed for expenses?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  2. Max

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    They should get in-home care givers first. Applying for benefits before they get in-home care will result in a denial because their income for VA purposes of $29,304 exceeds the maximum annual pension rate for a veteran with one dependent at the aid and attendance rate of $23,396.00.

    You are right that they cannot apply for aid and attendance alone, however they do not need to meet the regular pension income requirements. Aid and attendance is not a separate benefit, it is an additional allowance payable to certain veterans in receipt of compensation or pension benefits.
  3. symkat

    symkat Newbie

    thanks so much for your response...
    I thought you deducted insurance payments and medical expenses from income to come up with countable i come?? Also, how long do they need to have in home care to be able to count it as a medical expense?
  4. Max

    Max Hero Member

    As long as they are paying for it now, there is no minimum time for them to have it.
  5. symkat

    symkat Newbie

    Thanks so much!
  6. gibbyone

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    I am new to blogs, so plz bear with me. Our Uncle, WW11 vet, has never signed up for any VA benefits. He is living with my Brother as he can't live alone. The budget cuts have hit him first. He was under a plan for the elderly in Ks. that paid my Sister-In-Law a small amount to care for him in home rather than a nursing facality. As of Sept. this program is cut. Does anyone know if A+A would cover for his care so he can continued to stay at home? It seems the state would prefer to spend 4000.00 per month in a nursing home to save 700.00 for inhome care. He is on Medicaid. Can he be both on A+A and Medicaid?
  7. vetadmin

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    He cannot be on Medicaid and get a full A&A award. On Medicaid, the most he would be eligible for in A&A pension would be $90.00 a month, which cannot be spent on medical expenses. It would have to be spent on personal items.

    Sorry it is not better news for you.
  8. Fit2009

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    The $90 is for Medicaid in a skilled nursing facility - if medicaid at home, he can still get the full A&A benefit. You should also check withthe VA to see if he is eligible for home care through the VA.
  9. camoakland

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    My mother is 92 and has Parkinson's. My father is deceased (1988). He was a combat veteran in WWII, honorable discharge. My mother lives on a small farm (no farm income) with my sister and brother-in-law. She has a $20,000 money market account and about $2,000 per month SS and pension. I'm not sure what her insurance premium is, but she has Medicare part A and Blue Cross. She has started falling, even with her walker. She is afraid to be alone and the folks in the house need to go to work, off the farm. Her income is essential to help pay taxes and utilities. Without it, they would loose the farm. Is she eligible for assistance? Would she have to deplete her savings and pay for a private health aide in order to qualify. How can I help them plan for her care so she can remain at home? Is there someone who can help them fill out the paperwork?
  10. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    She would have to have caregiver expenses being paid in order to have medical deductions to claim to offset her income. From what you have shared she is not currently incurring any.

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