Applying for A&A for father and need help..

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  1. I have been taking care of my 81 yr. old father for over 4 yrs now and it is taking it's toll on my health. I moved him in with me after it became apparent that he needed help. I was told about the pension and have started to fill out the forms and get all the necessary paperwork, drs. form etc. . . I am filling out the va 21-22a form because I read here that I should. Do I attach this form with the 21-526 application form when submitting it? Also, I read a post stating that the home health services should already be active so the expense is shown as needed for it to be considered, is this correct? Currently I am doing everything that my father needs so there is no expense being charged to him. I want to file for the pension so that the funds will be available to hire the outside help he needs. I don't know how much longer I can do it all anymore, I am falling to pieces emotionally and physically as a result of the last 4 yrs and he is getting worse. Please can someone help me?

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    Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here (not one of the Vet experts) but I can tell you that the VA will not base an award on "projected" expenses, but on actual expenses. So I believe you need to establish some payment mechanism to you right away if you are about to send in an application and expect caregiver expenses to be considered. This question has been asked and answered many times on this forum so perhaps while you wait for one of the experts to chime in you could do some searches on this site to see what others have been advised to do.

    4 years.. I can only imagine how exhausted you must be. Good luck and hang in there.
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    I just went searching to try to find this info (the need for caregiver help to actually be PAID), which I know I have read dozens of times. Wasn't so easy to find. My suggestion is that it be added to the FAQ, it has to be a frequently asked question. Or maybe an official summary of this problem can be adding to the section"Tips and Resources."

    I also suggest that the PDF that outlines how to arrive at coutnable income include "caregiver expenses". The form downloadable on the FAQ lists Nursing Home and ALF expenses only as line items, unless in my haste I skipped over it.

    I don't like to add to other people's workload without offering assistance, so if there is anything I can do to help please let me know!
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    I believe what Caroliso has advised is correct. I have been caring for my dad for over a year and was paid cash until April. Since then, I was paid by check. I sent a statement in with my dad's claim explaining this. The only payments they considered were the check payments. You should establish a payment plan with proof of payment. I am new at this as well, so it's best to have have one of the experts answer this. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys for jumping in here to help.

    Let me clarify a couple of things. You cannot claim projected expenses. It has to be expenses that are being incurred. You may need to have dad start paying you by check to have this expense to claim. You may also want to look at having outside services come in to give you a bit of a needed break. If you don't take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of him. Without expenses being incurred, you won't have much to claim, making it difficult to get approved as this is a needs based pension.

    Secondly, due to the fact we are closing in on 6 years of the site and forums, some posts are outdated. The 21-22a is no longer a document you want to include in your packet. It has been replaced with the 21-0845 Approved 3rd Party, so do not complete the 21-22a.

    Under Tips and Resources on this forum is the formula to arrive at "countable" income. On the line for "Homecare", this is where you would list either outside services or family member being paid for care.

    You should use these forums as well as the website to help learn more. There is a FAQ section on the website.

    I hope it helps to know that you are not alone, and you will have support from those who understand here.
  6. Thank you everyone! This information is very helpful to me. :)
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    Welcome, and we are glad that you found us!

    Best advice is to go back to the main site and read every word on how to apply, what forms you need, documents etc.

    While it appears overwhelming, everything you need is on the site and here on the forums.

    As the daughter who has already been through this and fought the fight, I do my best to make it possible for others to find their way.

    You'll find support and answers here, and you are not alone in this.
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    Hi Magi,

    I want to add my welcome and let you know that there are several of us here who have been where you are and have successfully made it through the application process. You are definitely not alone.

    As you read the information, pay particular attention to instructions about sending in an Intent to File statement. You should do this ASAP; that gets the clock started so that when you are finally able to send in the completed application, the award is retroactive to when the VA received the Intent to File, as opposed to when they received the final application.

    Good luck!
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    Sorry for not replying. Dad and I did not recieve good news today so I do not know about this aid in attendance and the nurse at the desk said Dad's primary care sent it over. I wonder what she sent over? I need to fill out an application correct/ too distraught to even write tonite. I thank you for reply I inadvertently erased my posts about my Dad:(

    Faith Moves Mountains and I need that Strength as He does too to fight this cancer.
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    Magi, sorry you received bad news. We are here when you are ready to re-enter the conversation about applying for A&A.

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