apply for spouse when vet has already been awarded a&a

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    I'm helping a friend try to figure out how to go about applying for the benefit for his grandfathers wife. (Grandfathers second marriage and she is not a vet). they are married and both are in the same assisted living facility, but their finances are kept separate. He was just awarded the benefit, they said they needed more info on spouse to give her the benefit. How does he go about applying for the spouse? Should he use the 21-4138 form? Does he need to submit the 21-2680? Should he do a whole new application? Any advice where to start?
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    I would recommend using 21-4138 to update the VA that they want to apply as a veteran with a spouse. There will need to be financial documents included to show their financial need for her to be with him in the A&A award amount. She would need to submit the 21-2680 to show her need for care as well. If she lives in an ALF, be sure to include a Statement of Occupancy from the facility (ask the facility for this) as well as a completed Nursing Home Status Statement. Just cross out instances of "nursing home" and replace with "ALF". These forms can be found on

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