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    My 90 year old grandparents are planning to leave their home of 66 years and move to an Assisted Living Facility in September. I have been reading up on the Aid and Attendance application and process, and also talking with a local VA “outreach specialist” to educate myself on how to proceed, and have a few questions.

    Both grandparents receive pensions and SS income, plus some interest and dividends that will need to be counted as income. Medical expenses that will be deducted from that are mainly insurance premiums and the cost of the ALF. To clarify on some conflicting information I have read on the internet, can we also include cost of incontinence supplies, supplements (non-prescribed), OTC meds and prescription costs (not covered by insurance) as part of unreimbursed medical expenses?

    Once they move, we also are considering renting the house, as we are afraid to transfer it to family members at this point in time due to the Medicaid lookback (and potential VA lookback if that has passed or is still being considered) and they aren’t quite ready to sell it. Are there any expenses that can be used to reduce this rental income? We will be paying a management company to assist with renting the home, as well as paying property taxes and insurance. Could any/all of these be counted as expenses to arrive at a net income from renting that is reported as the annual income? Or does the monthly rental income amount they receive have to be reported with no deductions? If these deductions aren’t allowed, I’m afraid they won’t qualify for any benefits. However, until the time the home is rented, they probably would. Would you recommend going ahead and filing for benefits, even if they might only be eligible for a few months? We would of course update their income with the VA once it is rented.

    I’m also seeing conflicting information in what I’ve read and what the VA specialist told me that I need to include with the applications. We will be filing 21-527EZ, 21-526EZ and 21-0845 (since we have previously started this process another time). I was told that I only needed to submit my grandfather’s discharge papers and a marriage certificate. I inquired whether I needed to submit anything to support assets/income and something from the ALF stating they were residents and the cost of the facility, and I was told I did not. Please advise.

    I read that since they are both 90, I can request for their application to be expedited. If this is true, how quickly can I expect that to occur?

    Thanks so very much. I have learned a tremendous amount from these boards and I appreciate your time and efforts!
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    You can include any prescriptions that are ongoing. Sometimes prescriptions can be a "maybe" with the VA. You have to show they are an ongoing cost. Supplements might work, I'm not sure about those. You can always try to claim them along with prescriptions, but you'll need to show the bank statements and/or receipts of the ongoing payments for these supplements. You can also include the incontinence supplies.

    Since you are considering renting their house this could be an issue depending on how much money would be going to your grandparents. I don't know your entire financial situation for your grandparents so it's hard to say. Just make sure it's a low enough rent that it won't bring them up above a level where it's showing they really do have enough money to pay for their care expenses. Make sure, if you're applying for this benefit, that their monthly care expenses are exceeding their income. You cannot use the payment of a management company to count as an expense. It has to be expenses for care only.

    Yes, it might be worth it to go ahead and apply if they need the money now and you will not be renting their house for a while. You can always update the VA on that change later.

    You do need a Statement of Occupancy from the ALF (ask them, they should know what it is) and this Nursing Home Status Statement Form filled out.
    Need this physician's statement filled out for each, Medical Expense Report for each, and if you are intending to have someone else receive all correspondence from the VA and handle their financial affairs, you need the Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to Third Party.

    Be sure to use our How to Apply page to understand what all you need:

    Yes you can also request the application be expedited because of their advanced age. I would do that. Use Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to do so. It usually speeds up the process a few months.

    Hope that helps! Make sure to mail everything return receipt and keep a copy of everything for yourself.

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