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    Initiated a claim for my brother who was active military in WWII in Dec. 2015 and the process seems to be stalled at this point...not sure how to proceed. The last communication we got from them was that his claim was denied due to a signature missing on one of the forms. When we started the process, he was somewhat able to sign the documents...even though he didn't really understand what he was signing. Now, he can't really even sign anything. In their communication where they denied the claim, they said we could still submit the page in question with the signature. They acknowledge that he is incompetent based on the doctor's form we submitted but still seem to need the document with his signature to satisfy their requirements. They even mention that we should file a request that a fiduciary be appointed once his application is approved.

    We sent back the communication that we "accept the finding of incompetence and request a fiduciary be appointed" with the appropriate fiduciary info, thinking possibly this would allow the fiduciary to become the communicator for him. This evidently wasn't the correct response because we haven't heard anything in several months, and when the "potential" fiduciary called to request a status, they wouldn't give her any information.

    So how can we skirt this problem that the applicant is not able to sign any documents any more but the VA seems to still require his signature on a document to satisfy their application procedure? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Thank you, Kaylin, for the reply. We will try resubmitting the page with the signature omitted signed by the suggested method along with a statement in support of claim.
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