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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by tanya0090, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. tanya0090

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    I hope you all don't get tired of me but I have learned so much from reading this site that I just want to share our experience with this process.

    So today I've checked Ebenefits like 15 times...seriously. I start when I wake up and check throughout the day and just a moment ago my claim status went from "In Review" to "Preparation for Decision" I'm so excited!

    Now I know that it could easily be sent back to review or any of the other stages that come before Prep for Decision but seeing that makes me feel so good right now because it means that someone has actually been working on my dad's claim and confirmed what I hoped which is that Ebenefits updates through out the least today it did anyway. :D

    I remain prayerful that the decision comes quickly and is super positive which will allow my dad to be comfortable and receive the care he needs. I'll keep you posted!
  2. Kaylin

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    That is wonderful news, tanya0090!! Yes, we enjoy your updates. Keep them coming. :)

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