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Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by ksflygirl, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. ksflygirl

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    Another letter. This week we have received another "form" letter, apologizing for the delay and that they still are processing our application. Applied August 1, requested expedited (age 90) have received acknowledgement for intent to file, receiving the application and three "update" letters. They have not asked for anything additional.
    My FIL had about $24-25000 to help supplement his $4000/mo assisted living space. Now we are looking at almost 6 months. The money is dwindling away....his spirits are so down...there should at least be some way to get an accurate status update. I so appreciate the boards and sometimes just read the positive outcomes to cheer me up. LOL. Thanks for listening everyone.
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  2. Kaylin

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    If your father begins to run low on funds you can also request expediting the application due to "financial hardship". If you've already requested the application be expedited due to his age, though, they should have given you a decision by now. Have you tried contacting the Senator of the state where your FIL lives? You can request they make a congressional inquiry into the status of the application due to his advanced age. The VA is required to give a decision within one month of a congressional inquiry.
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    Thank you Kaylin, we did request expedition in our application due to his age. The VA rep we worked with said it would be closer to the 6-8 month time frame. Is that not accurate (keeping in mind that they have not requested further documentation)? I have called the 800 number and never have been able to get through. When I mentioned to the rep about the inquiry she said I did not want to do that because it could mess everything up. Is this also mot accurate? Sigh.... Thank you so much Kaylin!
  4. Kaylin

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    If you asked for expedition due to his age, 6-8 months is really too long. Inquiring about the status of the application itself cannot mess up the processing of it. I would recommend using the congressional inquiry. You're welcome!
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  5. DebbieTownley

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    Please go and see your congressman! It helped us to get the benefits started for a 92 year old veteran, and also helped in receiving the back benefits after we waited more than 8 months for a determination! They can make it a congressional inquiry, and it expedites the process. be prepared to meet with someone from the VA, and be ready with someone that can be a fiduciary.
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  6. ksflygirl

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    Debbie Townley- thank you for your reply. Why be ready with someone that can be a fiduciary?
  7. ksflygirl

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    Another update- today I spoke with the VA rep who helped us submit our claim. I explained that we had received another form update letter. She asked if we had received any other communication or inquiries. I told her we had not. She verified my address and phone number and said she would call me back. She returned the call and said that we indeed had a fully developed, expedited claim and that Yes, this was too long. She told me we should be hearing something in the next 2-3 weeks, and if we did not to call her back. Tonight, I am hopeful.
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  8. Jandy

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    This sounds encouraging, ksflygirl! This may sound cynical, but when I applied for A&A for my veteran father, I never assumed that things would go as promised. I was always, always polite and respectful, but I did not hesitate to speak up (the squeaky wheel and all). Keep tabs on your VA rep because, I agree, this is taking too long for a fully developed claim for your 90 year old FIL.

    Best of luck and please keep us posted!
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  9. jscott

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    ksflygirl, your situation and timeline sounds like what happened to us. I can tell you from personal experience with the Philly office that it does not matter that you request an expedite in your cover letter, no expedite will happen until you phone them and THEY put an expedite on. I recommend that you call back at the 2 week mark, and get them to check their system and tell them to go to their supervisor if they can't put the expedite on.
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  10. ksflygirl

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    Thanks for those responses! I am trying to feel more hopeful and that my VA rep lit a fire when she called. I so appreciate the shout outs just comforting to know YOU all understand the frustrations of the process.
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  11. MichaelPitts

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    my condolences to you with this problem
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  12. SickofVA

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    Contact your Senator's office immediately. They should help you. The VA is required by law to respond to a Senotor's inquiry within 30 days. It is the ONLY way I was able to get A&A for my father. Good Luck!
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