Amazingly fast positive response to A&A application

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    The preliminary or informal application for my father was received by the VA on October 7, 2013.

    We went with a lawyer's office that does a lot of VA work to represent him. It cost a lot of money but I don't think I could have handled this on my own in addition to other problems I'm dealing with. Going through all the hoops the paralegal told me were necessary took a lot of time and aggravation. The full application was received June 2, 2014, and the award letter is dated July 9, 2014. The award is $1,758 per month, which I believe is the maximum.

    The paralegal said to expect a wait of 90-120 days, so I was very pleasantly surprised to get a decision in less than six weeks (plus time for papers to go through the mail). Certainly the paralegal's experience in how to fill out forms couldn't hurt. As far as I can tell, the VA counted the entire charge for the assisted living facility where he lives as medical expense. Since that alone exceeds his income, his "countable income" was zero, so presumably there wasn't a gray area that would require extra research.

    We were also lucky that although 80% of original service records for my dad's cohort (World War II) were lost in some huge fire, we were able to get a replacement in a few weeks last year (don't remember exact dates).

    Feeling blessed,

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    Glad you successfully got this pension for your Dad. Congratulations!
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    I wanted to share our success story as well. Our situation for my father involved a lot of estate planning and paperwork that was beyond the scope of my abilities. We used an elder care attorney and a VA-authorized representative and the claim was filed at the end of May. My father received his first check (auto deposit) on July 1st! $2085 for life and tax-free -- We never expected anything this fast. The cost was quite reasonable and will pay for itself within the first three checks.

    Thank you so much for this site which gave me a ton of information and advice. I am trying to spread the word to anyone and everyone who might be eligible or know someone eligible for this benefit. Our vets have given so much for our country - it's time to give back!
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing the good news.

    You are correct in that our veterans deserve the best!

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