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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by Froggy, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Is there some guideline or list of "allowable" expendatures from a personal (not separate fiduciary) checking account for a vet currently receiving A&A? My son-in-law spends considerable time on a daily basis helping me with medical, financial and legal affairs. Althought he doesn't expect anything in return, I'd like to acknowledge his caring efforts by getting him a new reliable vehicle that he could use for running my errands and taking me to my many dr. appointments. I just don'want to do something that would endanger my current A&A pension.
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    You can spend your pension check however you want to, however if he is acting as your Fiduciary, he has to get approval for any expense over $1,000, and it is doubtful that the VA would approve an expense for the purchase of a vehicle.

    However, if you are paying him to act as your caregiver, he can use the money you are paying him in any manner he chooses.

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