ALF how can you check to see if they are VA approved?

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    Again my wifes Great Uncle is in an ALF and thankfully has been collecting A&A benefits, but his costs are exceding his SS,pension and A&A. We want to find something cheaper, but we are getting very confused by Independent living and Assisted living, right now he needs no additional care other than the usual, cooking, cleaning, laundry, transportation. We are concerned as he gets older, he is 94 and has macular degeneration, but is in very good health, that he will be out of money for necessary care such as perscription aid, bathing, dressing,etc., If his current ALF continues raising their rates as they have in the past 4 years, over $1000.00 in that time. So my question is, how can we check before making a move that a facility is approved by the VA for the services they provide?

    Thanks Again
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    You should check on other ALF's in the area and compare pricing. You might also want to talk to the Director where he is, and tell them that with the increases, you are having to search other properties stating that your preference is to not disrupt him and what he is comfortable with to see if they will work with you. Generally a property does not want to lose a resident.

    The facility does not have to be VA approved. It needs to be a proper licensed facility or care given by a private individual. The veteran has the right to choose.

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