Aid & Attendance Benefit and NJ pharmaceutical assistance (PAAD)

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    My mother received the VA Aid & Attendance benefit in July 2017. She is the widow of a WWII veteran. She also receives assistance from the NJ PAAD (pharmaceutical assistance) program to pay for her prescription drugs. I was afraid the VA Aid & Attendance benefit would impact her eligibility for the NJ PAAD assistance. After speaking with representatives at NJ PAAD, I was told that the VA Aid & Attendance benefit is not counted as "income" when determining PAAD eligibility. As long as my mother continues to meet all the income eligibility requirements of the PAAD program (not including the VA Aid & Attendance benefit), she can receive the NJ PAAD assistance and the Aid & Attendance benefit. So contact your state pharmaceutical program representatives if you have a similar situation.
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    Good to know! Thank you for sharing this, @fpb38 . I had not heard of this before.

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