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Do we need forms and documents for both parents if we're only submitting for pension for my father?

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  1. kellis

    kellis Newbie

    In the process of pulling together all the documents to apply for Aid and Attendance Pension. My father, both WWII and Korean War Vet, now 80 suffers from a.) Post Polio Syndrome b.)Muscular Dystrophy c)Parkinsons d.) Stroke along with numerous smaller ailments(high BP, memory loss..etc). After his last stroke he spent 4 months in a nursing home but has rehab enough to come home(for now). Extensive in-house services are needed(Physical therapy, OT, Oxygen, Breathing Treatments...Meds, meds & meds) which are temporarily being covered by the VNA. However, this will only last at most 3 months. It my hope, in applying for the aid & attendance this pension will cover the cost of providing the needed in-home services in order that my father can stay at home. Certainly much less than the cost of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

    We are only applying for this on behalf of my father. My mother(75) is still quite active. Do we need to supply documents for both individuals(as in household income) or only those pertaining to my father. Such as Social Security award letters, Pensions, Medical premiums, prescriptions...etc?

    Any help or advice on this is greatly appreciated. Sure would love to see him spend his last days in the comfort of his own home. Thanks for any help!! Kelli
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    Even though your mom is still independent and able to take care of herself, you need to include all monthly incomes for both of them. Then you back out the cost of all his care and medical to bring that down to the "Countable Income" for them as a total.

    Even though your dad is the only one you are applying for, all monies have to be counted.

    We certainly wish you the best and hope that you will be successful in being able to keep him at home surrounded by his family.

    Be sure to keep us posted.

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