Aid and Attendance Guardianship

Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by Rbush4u, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Hello I would just like to keep you all updated on my status. I am still waiting on a reconsideration from VA in regards to crossed matched income from SSA and the IRS. However, the good news is that VA will allow a court appointed guardian as fiduciary. This means that they recognize the judicial system and that is great news. Also thank you to the moderator for providing us updated information on IRA and SSA cross match she is absolutely correct. This will cause a delay and it could take months before they re- look at the application. I was told by VA assistance over the phone this is not a priority because the application for AA 100% was approved but denied due to income match. When they get a chance they will review it for reconsideration. With that being said it could take up to six months. :( If anyone have any suggestions please help I am all out of them...
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    We are having an issue trying to get my mothers monthly alott,net increased due to her being placed into an assisted living facility. Five months have gone by and nothing from the va. We called to no avail and sent certified letters to no avail. I tried filing a complaint on the va website got no where. So finally wrote my local congressman and requested help. He is now waiting for a response also. Very hard to get these people in the va to work.

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