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how long to get approval

  1. sitting on claim?

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  2. claimant's age??

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  1. MaryB

    MaryB Newbie

    My Mother is living in her home -- she is an 87 yr. old with Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and requires 24 hour care because of the dememtia. Mom has no assets and her only income is a social security check $1344 and a $54.60 pension check. She is presently drawing on the equity of the house to pay her living expenses, food, caregivers,etc. etc. Her caregivers salary far exceed her income in fact her socialy security check covers ONLY her weeked caregiver for a month!! I hired an elder care attorney last July and he filed for the VA Benefits for Mom and he is her "claimant" representative. Mom has received 4 letters, Nov. Jan. Mar. and May from the VA with a case number (?) which all say we have received your application...apologize for the delay, you will be notified upon completion of processing. I've hounded the attorney to follow-up "in writing" but he refuses and VA will only speak to the Claimant Rep. His assistant told me last week, after I hounded and hounded him that they called the VA and the VA advised them a determination was reached on Mom's case on 6/23/08 and by end of July she would hear something. Nothing yet. However, attorney refuses to write letter and I keep telling him we need a paper trail, etc. Attorney also didn't get the NAME OF THE PERSON at the VA with whom he spoke last week!! Other than me going to the NJ Bar/State Attorney General/Congressional Rep. and reporting this attorney for being uncooperative in this matter especially in view of the huge fee I paid him, any suggestions. Mom's home equity is depleting and we need the Aid and Attendance! I asked attorney to write letter to VA stating Mom's age, financial problems, etc. but he will not put anything in writing as I mentioned above. Mom is pretty advanced with her dementia but still is aware of her surrondings and wants to stay at home. I'm trying my best to keep her there. I am also disabled however not entitled to any VA benefits. I have no family and need some suggestions on how to proceed. I feel Mom's case is a typical push her to the bottom of the pile because of her AGE! It's been 9 months and nothing from the VA in writing about a determination.?? Thanks for your anticipated input/advice.
  2. titan_3501

    titan_3501 Newbie

    I am attempting to get my Mother the Aid and Attendance Benefits as a widow of a combat vertan. She currently has around $25,000 (approximately) in yearly income. She is going into an assisted living facility but it will take everything she has to move in. How do I get her this pension / Aid and Attendance Benefits?
  3. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You need to make sure she qualifes with regards to your dad's dates of service, and financially, and then make application for the pension.

    Look at the Tips and Resource section on the forums to find the formula for "countable" income.

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