Aid and Attendance Benefits.

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    This is in reference to Debbie Burak's expierence for assertaining Aid and Attendance Benefits. I am a DAV Chapter service Officer and have filed 6 claims in the last year for Aid and Attendance for veterans in an Assisted Living Facilitiy. My expierience with the approval of the benefits for these veterans has been positive. It has taken no more than 3 months for payments to start for any of the 6 claims I have filed. I guess I have been lucky. I know it has a lot to do with where you live and where one files the claim. Unfirtunately, not every service ares is treated equally, meaning one district in the state or country will process and adjudacate the claim quicker than others.

    Social Security has what is called CBA or Community Based Assistance where they take all but 85 dollars from the individuals social security. It is these people that I have been changing over because with this program, the veterans does not lose thier social security payments.

    I have been working with the administrators for the Assisted Living Facilities and informing them of these benefits for the veterans and are knowledgeable of the benefit now and works with me and assisting the veterans for this precious benefit.
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    I guess you have been VERY lucky. I applied with the help of a VA administrator and that was in April 2007. I have just been notified that the back-payment of benefits should be here anyday and payments will start in Feb. 08.
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    do you happen to know where the CBA funds go? do they return to Soc. Sec., or are they given to the Assisted Living Facility?
    Betsygee ???

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