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    My mother had some surprising news when I visited her at the assisted living facility on 4/16/2015. She had received an award letter dated 4/13/2015 for the full Aid and Attendance benefit amount. This was surprising because the claim was sent 3/2/2015. It was sent Certified-Return Notify US Mail. I see this as proof that although the A&A application process can be very difficult, it is NOT impossible.

    My mother will turn 85 next month and is a resident of an assisted living facility. She receives Social Security and small pensions from teaching. She has no other assets except her bank account and house. My father was a WW II veteran who passed away March, 2013. I think it will help to list here the evidence the VA used to decide the claim:

    VA Form21-534EZ, the Application for DIC, Death Pension and/or Accrued Benefits. Aid and Attendance applicants fill out the Death Pension portion.​

    Veteran's (Father's) Death Certificate​

    Military Discharge papers (NAVPERS 553 for WWII, more recent is DD214) MUST be a CERTIFIED copy. I mailed my father's official certified copy, and the VA returned it a few weeks later​
    . State laws vary, but here in Nevada, it is almost impossible to get a military document copy notarized and certified as a true copy. Hence, I sent the original.

    VA Form 21-0779 (Request for Nursing Home info) I filled in this form and crossed out all instances of "nursing home" and hand-wrote Assisted Living Facility or ALF​

    VA Form 21-2680 (Examination for Housebound Status) Completed by my mother's primary care physician​

    Marriage Certificate (did NOT use certified or notarized copy)​

    Social Security Award Letter (Sent annually by SSA)​

    Bank Statement - bank account is my Mother's ONLY countable asset, and the balance was less than $80,000​

    My mother's countable income was annual Social Security and retirement total for the previous year. Because her Assisted Living, monthly health insurance premium and unreimbursed medical expenses were greater than her income, the VA determined her countable income was 0.00. Although it was not required, we included the countable income worksheet from the A&A website. Because my mother's countable income was 0.00, we didn't think it was necessary to send documentation of prescription drug costs, or misc unreimbursed medical expenses.

    Although I can't be absolutely sure, I believe my mother's claim was approved quickly for the following reasons:

    It was submitted as a Fully Developed Claim

    It was sent directly to the Regional Office of the VA Pension Management Center that serves my mother's state of residence (NV) which was in St. Paul, MN. The A&A website and the VA websites have lists of Regional Offices for the VA Pension Management Centers for the various states.

    All of the information supplied on the VA Form21-534EZ, the other VA forms shown above and in the supporting documents was complete and accurate.

    Final notes: it was very helpful to read and reread the Aid and Attendance information on the website, as well as posts on the website.

    Please BEWARE of other websites claiming to offer assistance with Aid and Attendance applications. Almost all of them are scams posted by crooks. Also, BE EXTREMELY cautious dealing with organizations that give presentations at nursing homes or senior centers. Some may be registered as "non profits", but the focus of these presentations is to separate senior citizens from their money by claiming to help them hide assets in "managed investments" in order to get A&A applicants below the $80,000 threshold. The presentation I attended was big on flag-waving, and the presenter claimed to be a veteran looking out for fellow veterans. But at the end of his routine, it was obvious that he was only interested in "helping" persons having more than $80,000 in assets. A short time later, I explained to the ALF administrator that these types of shakedown activities at the facility should not be permitted.
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    Congratulations on getting through the process and getting the award for your Mom.

    I'm glad to know that the site and forums were useful to you, and I appreciate you informing the facility of your opinions on the presenter who was not there to really be of assistance to anyone but them self.

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