Aid and Attendance Approved in 19 days!

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Ken, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Ken

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    After getting nothing but bad information from the local VA office and from an assisted living facility, we were blessed to find this website. We followed all the advice (to the letter) and mailed a complete application packet to the Aid and Attendance processing office on 1-9-12. To our shock, our father was approved 19 days later on 1-28-12. Thank you!!!
  2. newpenny

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    That is great news!!!!!!!!I was approved in 3 weeks for A&A,I was already getting the special pension. I called my local VA rep about A&A and she discouraged me from applying, she said she had a drawer full of applications with nothing happening or something to that effect. Boy am I glad I did not listen to her. Everytime I think of what she said,I want to call her and say " I got approved" but I never will. I get ill everytime I think of her. I can not tell you how badly I needed A&A.
  3. Ken

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    You should go back and tell her. It's amazing the lack of pride these people have in their work. If your career was with the VA, wouldn't you try to know everything there was to know about it? Its a shame that veterans and their families have to figure this all out for themselves and they have to discover that the people at the local VA office don't know what they are talking about.
  4. newpenny

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    I was taught by my parents to take pride in my work.The local VA representative would not have have a job if veterans did not need help.A lot of people that have lost there job would be glad to have the job that the VA representative has.
  5. vetadmin

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    Keep in mind that your local VA offices are paid for by the tax dollars of that county. They are not part of the BIG VA in DC, and it is deliberte that they do not get the "trainning" to beat the VA at this game. Some of these folks step into position without having attended one single trainning program. Kind of learn on the job opportunity.

    This has a lot to do with the misinformation, and why I so strongly suggest you follow the guidelines here and on the site, and to not take NO for an answer from someone who does not know the answer.
  6. Marp

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    Certainly, do not take NO from anyone who does not sound like they know what they are talking about. This includes the big, bad VA in DC.

    As far as the County VAs getting a pass on bad information...any organization that hangs out a shingle saying they can help veterans with their benefits has to be appointed by the VA. To me, it's akin to the relationship between an insurance company and an insurance agent - before an agent can sell a particular company's insurance, the agent has to be approved by (appointed) the insurance company. The agent is an independent business person, in many cases, and responsible for his own business practices, but the insurance company isn't completely off the hook. If an agent screws up, either accidently or deliberately, the insurance company can be fined or sued, right along with the agent. Thus, insurance companies who appoint agents do watch what their agents do and provide training and other resources to be sure the agents know what's expected and can sell/service their customers properly.

    The VA is a government organization, not a private business, but they should be held to the same standards as insurance companies and other similar businesses. If the big, bad VA appoints an organization to represent them in helping veterans with their benefits, then the big, bad VA is responsible for training these organizations, etc and monitoring their performance; any organization performing badly loses their appointment. Because the VA is taxpayer funded, I believe they have an even greater responsibility for operating properly - taxpayers fund their salaries and the VA employees should be accountable to them and that accountability should include monitoring organizations that represent the VA.

    Finally, our veteran men and women earned these benefits by writing a blank check to the American people, a blank check in the amount up to and including their lives; they shouldn't have to put up with incompetence, laziness, or dishonesty when trying to obtain these benefits.

    And that ends my soapbox for the day.
  7. vetadmin

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