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    I was reading and noticed that you must file a compensation pension form for the VA. My spouse is already receiving 60% from VA, and does require the aid and assistance in various activities mentioned. But I am confused on a fact....will this interfere or give the VA cause to re-evaluate his present percentage. The VA has already decreased his percentage and we fought with tooth and nail to prove his condition and get it restore, and I really don't want that fight again.

    Also, on the annual income is the VA benefit we receive added or the amount we pay income taxes on?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My father-in-law is also a veteran who also qualifies and my mother (surviving wife, my father was a vet).

    Thank you for the info....we never knew about.....

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    Hello Amberyl,
    The 60% compensation rating is related to the service injury sustained by your husband. If he needs the attendance of another person and the increased need is NOT related to his service related injury, he is entitled to an "enhanced or improved pension" but not an increase in the disability rating. So, you need to send in a statement in support of claim stating that he believes he now requires the Attendance of another person and therefore believes he may be entitled to additional benefits.

    List the amount you receive from the VA but be clear that it is a disability payment.

    Good Luck!

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