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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eifan115, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. eifan115

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    I was going to send in the letter of intent to file (form 21-0966) but am now rethinking. If I am going to send in the whole application within the next month, is there really any need to send in the intent to file?

    Also as to mailing address, can I put my address for things to be mailed to? My mother is moved into the assisted living facility but she loses things!
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    If you are planning on filing within a month, I'm not sure the Intent to File is necessary. It's definitely up to you, but you might just want to send in the complete application. Again, your call! The important thing is getting all the right documents for the application.

    You can use your address if you want all correspondence to go to you. Just make sure you include the Authorization to Disclose Personal Info to 3rd Party form in the application to indicate you will the the one the letters with the VA are sent to.

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