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    hi all
    i submitted information to the va showing an increase to my mother's medical care. it has been 2 months since this. i called va this morning and was told it was in developmental phase and could take 118 days depending on case load etc. then va rep gave me a reference number and told me to call back in ten days if i wasnt contacted. i asked what was the purpose of the reference number. he told me that there had been no movement on my claim and hopefully when i am called there will be some type of movement. is there anything to be concern with since i havent heard anything in two months? also my mom has not received her retro payment as of yet even though i have gone thru fiduciary process and opened her special checking account and her monthly check is being deposited in it. when i inquired about this i was given a reference number and told to call in ten business days. when i did i was told that retro payment hasnt been deposited yet...duh..and to call back in another ten business days to see if any movements have taken place. is there anything i can do beside wait....? anyone else has any advice? i think my mom's claim is just on a desk collecting dust till someone gets around to it. thanks for responding in advance.
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    When were you approved as Fiduciary? We are in the same situation. My Mom was approved as Fiduciary mid March. We were told retropay is in Authorization. Is Philadelphia handling this claim?
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    We finally got an adjustment notice on April 3rd, all the information was rec'd by the VA on 11-14-2011. The VA stated that it can take up to 196 days, so I feel lucky. Now I am waiting for the Cola increase (claim set on 11-19-2011) and the the fidicuary appt. (claim set on 12-9-2011). When Dad and I started this process, I knew from reading the postings that anything can happen, but I set the expectation low for him and told him that a year might be the timeframe. We are on course for that time. Thank Goodness for this organization, without it and the support from other members, it would be one long year. We started the process June 2011.
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    i was appointed my mom's fiduciary on feb 27 according to the letter i received. her claim is being process at the milwaukee pension center. i dont know if it makes a difference which pension management center a claim is processed at.
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    this is an update on my previous posts. just received a letter today from va and my mother's retro pay has been deposited...yeah. she has also received an increase in her aid and attendance she's getting the maximum amount....double yeah. i really appreciate all responses to my questions and concerns. thank u debbie so very much for your valuable information....u are truly a blessing from above...thanks again.
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    Great news and thanks for the update on your Mom's situation.

    So glad to have been able to help, and wishing you all the best!

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