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  1. oktxazwi

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    I plan to file the Authorization to disclose information (21-0845) for my mom's surviving spouse Aid & attendance with my contact information. However, she lives in another state near my sister. My mom is in the early stages of dementia and doesn't hear well, so I don't want any letters or calls to go to her. My question is: can I use my sister's address/phone/email for my mom's contact information on the 21-534EZ and the Intent to File, or do they have to have my mom's address?
  2. Sunshine

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    Yes. We used my brother's address and phone number for our Mom's contact information.
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  3. Jandy

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    I had the same situation. My veteran father has dementia and hearing issues and lives in an ALF. My sister lives in a nearby town (I am in a different state). I did not want communication from the VA going to Dad. However, I was concerned that putting just my sister's address would confuse the VA and make them think that Dad lives with my sister.....

    SO here's what I did: on all the forms, I put my sister's address/number as the contact info for Dad. But beside it, in parenthesis, I wrote "Physical Address" and put down the address of Dad's ALF (only the address, not the phone #). There were absolutely no issues or questions with this approach.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  4. Jandy

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    Let me clarify--if the form asked for "Contact Info," I put only my sister's address and phone number.

    However, if the form asked for "Address," that's when I put down both: my sister's address and phone number, labeling it as "Mailing Address/Contact Info"; and then beside it in smaller letters in parenthesis, my dad's ALF address, labeled "ALF/Physical Address."

    Hope that's not too confusing. Again, it worked for me, but it may not have been necessary to put both addresses. There's no single approach to fill out these applications. The ultimate goal is to make your case in the clearest, most concise way possible, providing all the info that the VA needs. Good luck!
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  5. OldHat

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    We didn't put our contact down for gramma (another dementia sufferer) and I sincerely wish we had. We have gotten most of the way through the process, but it would have been easier if they'd just been sending the mail to really, any one of us who's able to read it, and not to her place, from which we have to retrieve it before we can reply.

    My advice would be to keep the application as clean and clear as possible. Simplicity is the key to speed.
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  6. Kaylin

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    Great suggestions - thank you for giving some input.
  7. Kaylin

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    Thank you for your input, Jandy!
  8. oktxazwi

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    Thanks for the info everyone. Good point about contact v physical address. I was especially concerned about using my address since I'm in a different state.
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