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    I am just starting the journey for Aid and Attendance benefits for my father. He lives in FL and I live in CA. I have Power of Attorney and just put him into an Assisted Living Facility in FL until I move in June to North Carolina where I will move him in with my and my family. I plan to care for him once we move. However; I have two questions as I begin this process. What address do I use on the Intent to File a Claim form? Do I use his address at the ALF? Prior to this, he lived with a girlfriend, but they are not together any more. He owns a home in Florida but has a renter in it. Also, I've been advised not to try and sign up for Aid and Attendance while my dad is on wellcare. Someone advised me to move him to medicare as its easier. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I appreciate your help as I start this journey.
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    I answered your question where you posted it on another thread, but I will answer it here as well.

    You can use the mailing address of where you would like all correspondence with the VA to be sent to. Which means, yes, you can use your own address. However, make sure that if you are going to be his fiduciary that you also include the Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to Third Party form in the Intent to File. The VA does not recognize power of attorney, unfortunately.

    If your father starts Medicare, he can include those expenses (like for premiums) on his medical expense report when filing for the benefit. I'm not sure about the wellcare, I've never had anyone ask that sort of question and I can't seem to find any information on it in the forums where someone else had previously asked about it.

    But I do hope those help with some of your questions.

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