Act as Individual Rep -or- Use Veterans Service Organization...?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ST, May 30, 2008.

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    Which Form/Way Should I Go?
    VA Form 21-22 Appoints a Veterans Service Organization to act as the "Claimant's Representative"
    VA Form 21-22a Appoints an Individual (me) to act as the "Claimant's Representative"

    When I picked up the A & A application forms at the Veteran & Military Affairs Office (in Colo. Spgs), the lady gave me Form 21-22 and wrote CVA-39 [Line 3A.] to name the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs as the "Claimant's Representative" and wrote EPC/USO, C/S, CO 80903 [Line 3B.] as Job Title of Official Rep...etc. THIS WAS DONE WITH NO EXPLANATION OR OPTIONS.

    I have read, in this forum, advice to use Form 21-22a and act as (my mother's) representative myself and NOT to appoint a Veterans Service Organization to act as the Claimant's Representative.

    Please: What is the consensus opinion on this option? (Note: I am my mother's POA and am handling all of her affairs and feel competent. I will be submitting Form 21-0792 to act as Fiduciary.)

    Thanks in advance to all who reply to this post!
  2. nananorma

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    I was told that they will not recognize any power of attorney - mine that's been in effect for 6 years or the VA form that I submitted. Both were returned with the 8 page attachment to pick someone from. I also want to be that representative, but not sure it will happen!
  3. nananorma

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    My issue is that they have returned by 21-22a TWICE and said they were not able to process -please choose from one of the attorneys or agencies attached (in the 8 page attachment). I checked "representative" and named myself. That was all the explanation I got "Unable to process". When I called the 800 number, they said it was returned because something was incorrect on the form and it should have been marked in red. Nothing was marked; just their stamp that it was received.
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    If an individual acts as representative for another how are they going to check on the status of the claim except to call the 800 number. I believe using one of the POAs such as DVA or VFW or AL gives you someone to call who actually has access to the VA computers and can see exactly what is going on with the claim. I would not feel qualified to argue the validity of a claim in the event that it is denied and has to be appealed.
  5. nananorma

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    Sorry, I probably wasn't clear. My mother's claim has been approved - pending appointment of a fiduciary due to her Alzheimer's. However, if they call her to set up a meeting, she won't know what they are talking about and probably hang up. That's why I want to be named as her representative - so they will talk to me.

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