Access to Doctor / Pharmacy Benefits when moving to new state

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    Hi All – I am a new member and am hoping the use of this site will help answering some questions.

    My father is a 90 year old veteran – we recently moved him from Tennessee to Georgia so that he could be close and that we would be able to provide better care for him. Before my father moved, he had been using VA services (doctor, pharmacy), since we’ve moved him to Georgia, we have been unable to get him into the system here. We’ve submitted the 10-10 EZ form, but were told that we had to go to VA hospital to finalize the switch to Georgia. I took him to the Atlanta VA, but was then was told that I would have to schedule an appointment so that he could be assigned a doctor – appointment was set for 2 months later. For those familiar with Atlanta VA location, it is quite a hardship to drive down with an elderly parent only to be told that we will have to do it again. In the meantime my father’s health has further declined and he is pretty much confined to wheelchair (he had been using a walker during last visit). I have pushed his appointments back a couple of times because of his health and not sure if I can get him down there for the next one that is scheduled. The question I have, is there anyway to be able to take advantage of the pharmacy here in Atlanta, without having to go through the hassle of driving 45 miles in heavy traffic just so that he can be assigned a doctor? It will not be practical to use the VA doctor due to the distance and there does not appear to be any closer options due to the shortage of doctors and facilities in the Atlanta area. The only other thought I had would be to see if I could somehow use the VA pharmacy in Tennessee, since my father is still in the system there. Has anybody else had to deal with a similar situation – any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

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    I had a similar issue but he does need to get into the system. Since the press about the long wait times many VA hospitals have expanded hours and have hired outside doctors to perform the initial eval. You may mention this to the Atlanta VA to see if they can speed up the process. Weirdly the Baltimore VA didn't mention to me initially, but when pressed about the long lag time one person said why don't you use the 'rush' program we instituted. It worked well.

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