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    For those folks who have filed a VA Form 21-4138 (Statement In Support Of Claim) and are expecting a reply from the VA ...

    I filed one of those In Early Feb 2012 for my mother, who is a WWII Surviving Spouse. That was done hoping to 'start the clock' at VA while I was waiting.
    I also filed a VA Form 21-0845 at the same time to allow me (oldest son) to be authorized to disclose info to VA for her and, accordingly get info from them.
    Those forms were mailed with a return receipt requested, - ... which was received back within two weeks.

    When I filed those forms I (incorrectly) expected that the VA office where I sent it would reply soon and inform me of the effective date of Mom's claim.
    However, - ... on the VA Form 21-4138 which was submitted, - ... I hadn't asked for a reply from the VA. In hindsight, that was a rather dumb oversight!

    After 75 days of waiting for a reply from the VA, I finally acted at exactly 8 AM to call them at the 1-800-827-1000 phone number. A nice lady answered.
    I had been connected with the VA office in Cleveland. Although I had mailed the forms to the Philadelphia VA office, she said that she'd check the status.
    The lady in Cleveland put me on hold for about one minute and then came back on the line and told me a claim number had been assigned in mid February.
    When I asked why the VA hadn't replied to the forms I mailed to them, she said that I hadn't asked for that, and it's often not done that way by the VA!

    So, - ... it appears that I had made a rather large oversight when I assumed (incorrectly) that the VA would respond to the forms I had mailed to them.
    Hopefully, some other folks will read this posting and won't make the same or a similar mistake. If you want an answer from the VA, be sure to request one!
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    I didn't see this form listed on forms needed for application to the A&A program on the veteran aid website.
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    It is not needed unless you are using it to file an "informal claim" or submitting additional information to the VA on an appliction already submitted.

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