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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Calirose, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Calirose

    Calirose Newbie

    I've read so much that now I'm kinda confused!! Sometimes it seems like we might be eligible for this program ... and sometimes it doesn't! So, hopefully, someone can help me figure that out! ;D

    My Dad is 84 years old and served in the Navy WWII. After leaving the service, he ended up working for the VA Hospital (federal government employee) as a Nurse's Aide for 42 years before retiring. Currently, he's receiving a federal retirement annuity and nothing else.

    Thankfully, he's not chronically ill ... but, he is 84, and can no longer cook his meals (we're afraid of him starting fires!) nor drive for himself. He walks with a cane and we will probably soon need to get him a wheelchair for mobility.

    His only asset is his home (no savings or CDs) and his monthly annuity is his only income. Either my sister or I would like to start staying home to take care of him full-time, but our incomes not only pay our bills, but help pay his bills as well, so neither of us can afford not to receive some sort of compensation or income coming in.

    He does not need to receive the "pension" part of this program, as it is less than he is already getting from his retirement. But, I guess my question is: Is the "compensation" part of this program the kind of help we are looking for??

    It doesn't seem like his insurance (Medicare + a Blue Cross supplemental) covers this type of caregiver compensation. And, although I've just started my search, I can't find much in the way of government help (ex-civil servant programs) that apply to us, either.

    We don't mind doing all the paperwork and researching and waiting for approval (or not!), but we're just not sure this is the right program to apply for. Please help??? ???
  2. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    Is his retirement based on his MILITARY Service? Only then would he be giving it up if he switched - if it is from the VA because he was a VA employee, then it is trated as any other pension and he will not loose it. If your father pays the caregivers first with his income and you guys assist with non-medical or those medical that exceed his income, then he should qualify for the full benefit.

    Unless your father was injured in the service, he will never qualifiy for compensation, so just remove that from your list of things to think about.
  3. Calirose

    Calirose Newbie

    Thanks so much for explaining things for me!!

    Yes, my dad was a VA employee ... but, no, he was not injured in the service. Thankfully he's not sick ... he's just getting old(er).. :D

    My sister and I end up helping him out financially in that his retirement doesn't quite extend as far as his monthly expenses. Together we make ends meet pretty well. But, I think it would make us all more comfortable if one of us could be able to be there with him taking care of what he needs and watching his medication. Sometimes he forgets what he takes or if he takes it.

    So .... hopefully there's another program out there for us! To not have to go through the entire process when there was no possibility of qualifying will save us a lot of time and effort!

    So, again .... I really appreciate your help!
  4. Fit2009

    Fit2009 Sr. Member

    The program for you is Basic PENSION with Aid and Attendance, the one this site is dedicated to - I'm not sure which part of the picture you are missing, but if your father needs assistance, he meets the medical criteria and then you are left with the financial - basically if their monthly income minus medical expenses are less than $1,949 and their assets are such that you have to help out, it looks good for an award. If their income is higher than $1,949, they can pay their children for care, the VA will allow it is a deductible medical expense.
  5. Calirose

    Calirose Newbie

    Oh okay, Fit2009!! I think I may be (finally) getting what you're trying to tell me! ;D

    I think I may have been getting tripped up at what is considered "medical expenses" ... and the word "Pension" has been throwing me, as well.

    But, if I now understand what you're saying, paying someone to take care of him IS considered a "medical expense" and would be deducted as such from his current retirement check. And the aid from the VA would be a sort of "reimbursement" for that. No? ???

    As far as the "pension" part goes ... I think I'm (finally) understanding that "Pension" is more just part of the program name here than an actual pension/retirement payment that he would have to take in lieu of the retirement that he's already getting.

    It seems like this IS the type of assistance that we've been hoping for and that my Dad would be able to meet the eligibility requirements. Or at the very least, it's worth a try!!

    Thank you soooooo much for your patience and persistence!! You guys have been great!! And, I'm still reading and learning from this wonderful site!! I wish more Vets knew that there was this kind of help and hope for them! I will do what I can to spread the news, though! :)
  6. Max

    Max Hero Member

    You're right about the name. I personally find it very misleading... its more of a social safety net program based on need, not a pension in the traditional sense (defined benefit plan).

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