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Discussion in 'Eligibility Questions' started by Sandysue, Dec 31, 2017.

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    My husband is a Navy Vet. He served active from 1960-1964. He has always said that besides his regular Navy job as a machinists mate, he was also on a recon team with 5 other guys. He says he was told when he got out of the Navy that the records concerning his time with the team were "closed" and not to talk about it when he got home. He does suffer from PTSD and he has told me a few bits and pieces but nowhere in his records is there any mention of this or him being in Vietnam, which he says he was. His ship was an LSD and it was not in Vietnam until the next year after he left. I do have one form in his records, a 5511-14 that is a Security Termination Statement form. It appears this indicates that he did have some knowledge of classified information which makes me wonder even more about these possible missing records. He currently has a 30% disability rating for asbestosis/copd and is a very sick man with numerous chronic diseases. Aid and Attendance would help us so much because I have quit work to care for him at home. Because of his service dates, he does not qualify and I don't know if it is worth trying to pursue the possible Vietnam connection. Just looking for any advice on this. Thanks!!
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    That is interesting, @Sandysue , I've never had a story like this that I've come across in the forums before. Unfortunately I do not personally know of someone who may be able to track down this missing connection that you need to see if your husband did possibly serve in Vietnam during an approved period of time for the A&A benefit but I might recommend you talk to a local Veterans Service Officer or possibly even reach out to Vietnam Veterans organization to see if they have any recommendations on how to track down records for that.

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