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    We live in Ohio. My mother-in-law is 80 years old. Her husband who was a vet has been deceased for approx 10 years. She has been in and out of rehabs and hospitals since sept since she took a fall and broke her hip. She is now home and her children are taking care of her. She does own her house and property which is roughly valued at $160k. In order to get help from the Vet A&A program, is it necessary for her to sell the home or property? She only draws my father in laws social security and lives on a meager monthly paymentof $1100 a month.

    Before I pursue this further, just need clarification on the home and property.

    thank you so much for putting together this information in such a clear,concise manner. :)

    Thanks again.

  2. vetadmin

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    No she does not need to sell the house. She can pay family memebers to act as her caregivers, which will help to bring her countable income down for her to financailly qualify. The house will not count as an asset.

    Just need to bring her monthly income down as close to zero after backing out all allowable medical expeneses for her care.

    See the "Countable income tab her under tips and resources.
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    So,right now her daughter has been staying with her. Do we count her help as an expense? If so, what hourly rate should be put on that?

    Thanks again.
  4. vetadmin

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    Only if she is actually paying them for the care.

    As far as a rate to pay, call around in your area and find out what the rate would be for outside services coming in providing the same services to give you an idea of what would be a fair rate.

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