A Different Story every time I call Anybody know the real rules??

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    Hi. Thanks to this site for helping me prepare for the submission of my Stepfather's Claim. I was able to obtain medical records, narratives, and all kind of doctor's statemets to submit. We are still pending, and I have my fingers crossed.

    I get a different story about income offsets every time I call them. I have tried to research the regulations on my own, and they are impossible to find (despite 25 years of legal experience!)

    If a veteran requires assisted living, are the verterans expenses to the facility where he lives a deduction from his income for pension computation purposes?

    His condition came on acutely, so these expenses are all recent. He gets social security, so if his medical and assisted living expenses are not income offsets, I'm afraid they will deny him as being ineligible financially. At least two representatives I spoke to said that if you are in assisted living, your rent comes off your income. The other said, only a amall prtion attributable to actul medical care comes off your income. All I know is that my stepdad is way under water every month, and if he doesn't get this, he will end up fighting for Medicaid instead of a benefit that gives him a shot at quality of life.

    Thanks so much.
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    There is only one state that I have come across that does not consider ‘assisted care facilities’ as ‘state approved’. This state is Kentucky. Why, I do not know but I think veterans and family members should start asking that question.

    If your Stepfather is in an ‘assisted care facility’, outside of Kentucky, he should be able to use the entire cost of his care to reduce his income. Veterans and widows that are in Kentucky ‘assisted living facilities’ and/or in retirement homes can only count the amount charged for their medical care and limited assistance care.

    I hope this addresses your questions. Thank you for your assistance in helping your Stepfather obtain the benefits that he earned.

    The Veteran Advocate
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    Thanks very much.

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